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Campus Lights 1974

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Production Staff

Edgar A. Coller (Director),

Bruce Boone (Assistant Director),

David Dunevant, Bruce Boone, Pam Rudd (Writers),

Don Maley (Contributing Writer),

David Dunevant (Band Director),

John Guthmiller (Chorus Director),

Mike Limpich (Lighting),

Becky Watson, Bobby Rushing, Gary Barbre, Bill Embry (Staff),

Malissa Wilkins, Jim Patton (Publicity),

Lyn Benda (Set Artist),

Dianne Wilkins (Program),

Vicki Collison, Gary Whitis, Tim Gualdoni, Vicki Edwards (Staff),

Roy Dunn, Frank Schwab (Sound),

Gary Whitis (Sets Construction),

Ed Coller, Milton West, Joe Park, Joe Whelan, Bruce Boone, David Tucker, Barry Shelton (Staff),

Vicki Edwards, John Young (House Managers),

Doris Dunevant (Costumes),

Cherry Brooksband, Debbie Duke, Debbie Arnold, Rick McManus (Staff),

Debie Tabor, Allen Lanham (Tickets),

Teresa Overby (Makeup),

Pam Rudd, Pam McLeod, Debbie Tabor (Staff),

Sarah Lynn, Mike Winslow, Matt Boston (Copyists),

R. W. Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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