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Campus Lights 1973

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Production Staff

Larry Stinson (Director),

Ed Coller (Assistant Director),

Danny Russell, Kathy Armstrong, Wayne Muller, Malissa Wilkins (Writers),

Tom Jones, Larry Stinson (Contributing Writers),

Mack McGrannahan (Band Director),

Sharon Petty (Chorus Director),

Debbie Leavell (Choreographer),

Bruce Boone (Lighting),

Peggy Prescott, Joe David Cox, Mike Henry, Jack Crook (Staff),

Nancy Luther, Tommy Persall (Publicity),

Tina Cundiff (Program),

David Tucker (Sets Construction),

David Dunevant, Wayne Collins, Joe Whelan, Bruce Boone, Tommy Persall (Staff),

Harrell French (Set Artist),

Kathy Cleaver (Costumes),

Cherry Flo Brooksbank, Doris Dunevant, Carol Collins (Staff),

Roy Dunn, Frank Schwab (Sound),

Teresa Overby (Makeup),

Pam Rudd, Pippa Downing, Pam Wallace, Debbie Tabor, Malissa Wilkins (Staff),

Valerie Cady, Mike Henry (Tickets),

Bonita Lawhorn, Jim Lutz (House Managers),

Nancy Luther, Tina Cundiff, Bob Finch, Jim Lutz (History),

Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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