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Campus Lights 1972

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Production Staff

Tommy Walker (Director),

Larry Stinson (Assistant Director),

Henry Buckingham, Lynn Armstrong, Ed Coller, Susan Nance (Writers),

Mack McGrannahan (Band Director),

Pat Legeay (Chorus Director),

Sylvia Wood (Choreographer),

Janice Haley, Danny Russell (Publicity),

Alice Hopper, Bob Finch (Program),

Steve Lasher (Sets Construction),

Harrell French, Clarence Riley, Henry Buckingham, Benny Hayes, Paul Hess, Wendell Smith, Larry Stinson, David Tucker, Janice Haley, Sue Kirkland (Staff),

Cheryl Heaverin (Costumes),

Kathy Cleaver, Judy Adms, Peggy Prescott (Staff),

Ed Collen (Lighting),

David Tucker, Joe David Cox, Peggy Prescott, Milissa Wilkins, Winfred Jones, Marvin Hammack (Staff),

Roy Dunn (Sound),

Dale Prince, Frank Schwab (Staff),

Cherry Ball (Makeup),

John Graves, Elaine Wilkinson, Cindy Turnbow, Malissa Wilkins, Cathy Hiestand, Debbie Tabor, Teresa Turner, Judy Adams (Staff),

Donna Scruggs (Tickets),

Wendy Gilpin, Jim Lutz (House Manager),

Belinda Ball, Judy Adams, Jim Lutz, Bob Finch (History),

Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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