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Campus Lights 1970

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Production Staff

Doug Horn (Director),

Tom Jones (Assistant),

Roger Garbers (Technical Director),

Tom Jones, Donna Day, Melvin Moore, Tom Walker (Writers),

Gerald McGuire (Band Director),

Hilton Thomas (Chorus Director),

Sylvia Higgonson (Choreographer),

Debbie Spalding (Assistant Choreographer),

Wanda Majors (Publicity),

Larry Buchanan, Bobby Guess (Staff),

Leonard Crawford (Stage Manager),

Lynn Bruna (Sets Design),

Gareth Hardin, Johnny Wallace (Sets Construction),

Keith Haney, Tom Zigglehoffer, Darrell Remole (Staff),

LaDonna Miller (Costumes),

Debbie Daniel, Cheryl Hughes, Judy Novak, Wendy Gilpen, Sue Ellen Wilson (Staff),

Tom Jones (Lighting),

Alan Baker, Jim Johnson, Sherman Cline, Tom Persall (Staff),

Roy Dunn (Sound),

Don Foster, Benny Hays (Staff),

Julie Robards (Makeup),

Linda Hargiss, Charlotte Jones, Bill Kraus, Becky Romer (Staff),

Kathy Harshey (House Manager),

Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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