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Campus Lights 1968

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Production Staff

Joe Grant (Director),

Byron Toney (Assistant Director),

Claude Collar, Gary Moore, Cathy Dowdy (Writers),

Phil Cole (Band Director),

Don Whitis (Choral Director),

Amalia Dimond, David Babbs (Choreographers),

Othal Smith, Jr. (Publicity),

Deanna Olson, Rick Lassiter, Tim Cairel, Dan Holt (Staff),

Arved Larsen (Stage Manager),

Barbara Harm (Sets Design),

Arved Larsen (Sets Construction),

Gary Garland, Ed Welte, Leonard Crawford (Staff),

Linda Shirk (Costumes),

Molly Devine, Sara Jo Wood, Paula Henne, Betty Bandy (Staff),

Ron Hewus (Lighting),

Larry Hall (Sound),

Lynn Briley (Assistant),

Brad Smith, Linda Shirk (Makeup),

Ed Welte, Bobbie Sue Stevenes (House Manager),

David Sensing (Photographer),

Prof. Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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