Keller explores in MILKING IN THE SHADOWS: Migrants and Mobility in America’s Dairyland, the complexity of the undocumented workers experience on rural Midwest dairy farms. Analyzing the shift from small family run dairy farms to mega-dairy operations that rely on the labor of undocumented immigrants, Keller exposes the paradox of America’s demand for cheap dairy products while also denying these individuals basic labor rights. Written largely from the lens of immigrant workers, Keller outlines the circular migration pattern of these dairy workers and the dangers they face not only crossing the border but also living on Midwest dairy farms. Expressing a theme of vulnerability throughout her book, Keller argues the perpetuation of the present system cements into practice an unjust and exploitative form of operation. Pertaining to the Social Work field, increasing immigrant populations, and a new emphasis on trauma informed practice, this text is a pertinent resource to helping professionals. Providing an in-depth understanding of the migrant experience, the knowledge that social workers can gain from this text will only add to their understanding of the migrant experience and the trials they may have faced.

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