Although rural social work continues to be on the fringe of social work practice in the United States, a committed group of practitioners work to update and expand upon current knowledge (Lohmann & Lohmann, 2005). Studies have been carried out across the country as to the state of rural social work practice, the unique barriers and strengths that come from this line of work, as well as the problems that lead social work to be necessary in rural areas (Daley, 2015; Lohman & Lohmann, 2005; Mackie et al., 2016). Though well-researched in the United States, examination of rural social work practice in the geographic region of the Northwest continues to be developed.The current study conducted an online exploratory needs assessment asking rural social workers in Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho to give input regarding perceived professional and community based strengths and needs. The findings will be used to describe responses as well as to guide and provide continued support to rural social workers in the Northwest.

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