Year Capstone Completed


ENG997 & ENG998 Instructor

Zachary Garrett, D.A.


This capstone project explores the impact of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and digital literacy platforms on the language learning experiences of high school English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students. Employing a mixed yet complementary research design that integrates phenomenological and action research, the study engaged 23 students through surveys and interviews to investigate their experiences with three instructional platforms: Achieve 3000, Duolingo, and Lexia PowerUp. The analysis revealed a strong preference for Duolingo, attributed to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive language practice features, and, notably, its mobile accessibility and relevance to real-world applications beyond academic contexts. The findings demonstrate the importance of incorporating student feedback in educational technology selection and highlight the need for tools that are interactive, engaging, and pragmatic. The study emphasizes the value of students' input as end-users of these products and how their incorporation in English instruction is both valuable and could be improved. The findings further advocate for additional research regarding the long-term usage of these programs and how their perceptions may vary by long-term usage and among students from varied linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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