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We present two families of diamond-colored distributive lattices – one known and one new – that we can show are models of the type C one-rowed Weyl symmetric functions. These lattices are constructed using certain sequences of positive integers that are visualized as filling the boxes of one-rowed partition diagrams. We show how natural orderings of these one-rowed tableaux produce our distributive lattices as sublattices of a more general object, and how a natural coloring of the edges of the associated order diagrams yields a certain diamond-coloring property. We show that each edge-colored lattice possesses a certain structure that is associated with the type C Weyl groups. Moreover, we produce a bijection that shows how any two affiliated lattices, one from each family, are models for the same type C one-rowed Weyl symmetric function. While our type C one-rowed lattices have multiple algebraic contexts, this thesis largely focusses on their combinatorial aspects.

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distributive lattice, diamond colored, poset, Cartan, NNG

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Dr. Robert Donnelly

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Dr. Elizabeth Donovan

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Dr. Timothy Schroeder

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