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The present study was designed to determine the concurrent validity of the Missouri Ability Scale (MAS), a new measure of independent functioning and learning currently in development. The MAS consists of 10 subtests and is designed to be administered to the examinee and an informant. Fifty individuals (M = 13.1 years; SD = 5.8 years) were administered the MAS and a cognitive abilities test (i.e. WISC-V, KABC-II, WJ-IV). Overall, the Spearman correlations between the MAS learning component and the measures of intellectual ability were moderate-to-strong, indicating good validity. Consistent with the hypotheses, the MAS learning component and the Cattel-Horn-Carroll (CHC) intelligence factors shared significant variance. The implications and limitations are discussed.

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Assessment, Cognitive ability, Adaptive behavior, Missouri Ability Scale, Intelligence, Adaptive functioning, Concurrent Validity, Validity

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Mardis Dunham

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Mardis Dunham

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Sean Simons

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Randal Wilson

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