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This study was conducted to determine the correlation among the Wechsler Intelligence Scales and the Rey Complex Figure Test, a measure of visual memory, in a clinical sample. The purpose was to determine the point at which a difference between cognitive ability scores (at the overall ability level or at the index level) and visual memory scores would be statistically meaningful. Participants in this study were selected from clinical client folders with completed variables of interest. The mean age of the 64 participants was 21 years (SD = 12.6). Statistically significant correlations were found among three of the four Wechsler indices and the three RCF indices. The Perceptual Reasoning Index accounted for the bulk of the variance. All three correlations were statistically significant at p = .01 or less. Given the degree of correlation between the Wechsler Scales and the RCF, these results generated a predictable confidence band allowing practitioners to determine when a difference between obtained visual memory scores and IQ scores is unexpected.

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Rey Complex Figure, Wechsler Scales

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Mardis D. Dunham

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