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The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of counseling training on speech language pathologists’ (SLPs) perceived competency to address Attitude Barriers within the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment process as presented by Beukelman and Mirenda (2005). Counseling techniques, such as the use of the Readiness to Change© tool, are within the scope of practice for SLPs. Unfortunately, there is a lack of research on how to apply these tools and techniques with individuals who use AAC .

A training seminar was conducted to educate participants in the use of the Readiness to Change© tool. Data was collected using a mixed-methods pre-and post-test survey. The quantitative results indicated a statistically significant change in participants’ perceived competency to use the counseling tools. The qualitative results identified several interesting themes within SLPs responses. Continuation of this research topic is recommended based on the both the outcomes of the data as well as the need for further knowledge on the subject.

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Barriers to Change, Readiness to Change, augmentative and alternative communication, counseling techniques

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Karen Coulter

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Karen Coulter

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Susana Bloomdahl

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Justin Brogan

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