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Through this thesis research study, an evaluation of the Racer Academy of Agriculture (RAA) is performed to get a better understanding of how well it is doing in several key areas. One of the focus areas for the RAA as well as most other dual credit programs includes allowing high school students to attain college credit through participation in a class that counts both towards high school and collegiate degree completion. Other key objectives for these programs include aiding in the recruitment of students to the participating university, preparing the students to succeed at a higher rate once becoming full-time college students, accelerating the time that it takes a students to progress through their undergraduate degree program, and assisting the student in completing their degree and graduating from their college or university. In order to examine the RAA on these focus areas, data was collected which allowed RAA participants to be analyzed to know how they compared to their peers across Murray State University (MSU) and within the Hutson School of Agriculture (HSOA). It was found that between the 2013 and 2018 graduating classes there was a 200% increase in student participation in the RAA, reaching a high of 404 in the 2018 class. Through this time period approximately 20% of students matriculated into becoming full-time students at MSU. These students performed well once becoming full-time students and achieved higher GPAs than their peers in the HSOA and across the University. Not only did these students perform well in classes, they were able to complete their degree program faster and at a higher rate than those who did not participate in the program. Through this research it was found that the Racer Academy of Agriculture is succeeding in achieving the goals that have been set out for the program.

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Hutson School of Agriculture, Racer Academy, Racer Academy of Agriculture, Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment, Agricultural Education

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