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For high school students achieving high ACT/SAT scores is crucial for admittance, scholarships, and coursework requirements. Dual enrollment students still have to meet the admittance and coursework requirements to be enrolled in a dual enrollment course even though the class could be scheduled for more time than the traditional course taught on campus. The purpose of this study was to determine if ACT predictors closely align to student success for dual enrollment students who complete a college algebra course in a high school setting with an adjunct professor who is a full-time high school teacher. Archival data from 188 dual enrollment students were analyzed using multiple regression, analysis of variance, and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results displayed the mathematics ACT subscore does correlate to the dual enrollment student’s final college algebra grade and is statically significant. Additionally, the results revealed dual enrollment students with an ACT mathematics subscore below the ACT mathematics Benchmark, 22, can achieve a final grade of a C or better in college algebra.

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Dual Enrollment, ACT, College Algebra

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Lynn Patterson

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Lynn Patterson

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Yuejin Xu

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