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The dissertation research project has the goal of looking at a mid-sized regional university and assessing the faculty in the college of education and human services to see how faculty members self-assess themselves with the higher education technological pedagogical and content knowledge (HE-TPACK) instrument while attempting to determine whether or not there is a difference between digital immigrant faculty and digital native faculty. The study also looks at the self-perception of what digital group faculty members think they belong in. The study examined (n=13) faculty members, including digital immigrants 9 and digital natives 4. According to the findings, there was no statistical significance in terms of the HE-TPACK results. However, both the digital immigrants and digital natives had self-perceptions that they belonged to the other group even though their age placed them in the opposite group. This finding supports other studies indicating that individuals can move between these groups based on their experiences with technology rather than a defined age.

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HE-TPACK, Instructional Technology

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Teresa B. Clark

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Randal H. Wilson

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Jana M. Hackathorn

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