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Teacher self-efficacy is directly tied to teacher longevity. The researcher conducted a causal comparative study to determine self-efficacy in three domains: classroom, FFA, SAE and compared them with demographic characteristics, along with where teachers obtained their teacher training/certification. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between agricultural teacher self-efficacy and the teacher preparation programs that they completed. This surveyed first-year teachers within the state of Georgia that teach agricultural education. The Beginning Agriculture Teacher Assessment determined that there was no connection between teacher self-efficacy and the teacher preparation program. The Beginning Agriculture Teacher Assessment did conclude that among the three domains outlined in the three-component model established by the National FFA Organization that teachers were least efficacious within the SAE domain. By having, knowledge of where teachers struggle additional professional development can be created at the state level to ensure that teachers are more effective within the classroom.

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Agricultural Education, Self-Efficacy, Education

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Teresa Clark

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