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This phenomenological research study explored the physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial experiences of P-20 educators in their transition from teaching into retirement. A grand tour question and three research questions guided this study. Data collected from interviews with retired educators provided a thorough understanding of the issues experienced during the transition into retirement from the Kentucky public school system. The experiences of recently retired P-20 educators showed that stress was a motivating factor for retirement but not chronic illness, disease, or other serious physical health concerns. Public educators in Kentucky may retire after 27 years of service, and many of the participants in this study retired while still in good health. This study revealed that the absence of workplace activity may well lead to feelings of identity loss, isolation, and a lack of effective time management. The participants expressed a desire for all educators to start preparing earlier for retirement and attend financial planning workshops to ensure a smooth and successful transition into retirement. This research study was not without limitations and further investigation on the topic was recommended.

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P-20 Education, Retired Educator, Transition, Physical Health, Mental Health, Social/Emotional Health, Financial Health

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Randal H. Wilson

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Teresa B Clark

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