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The purpose of this study was to determine what the transition experiences of deaf and hard of hearing students into postsecondary education were and what barriers, exist within the transition process. It is evident that deaf and hard of hearing students, face a number of challenges throughout their academic career. Aspects of deaf culture, language acquisition, and communication method, along with lack of support services further exacerbate, an already difficult transition from secondary school to college. This study sought to shed light on the additional obstacles faced by deaf and hard of hearing students, as they transition into their first year of college. The information contained within provides a better understanding of the transition process, the preparedness of deaf and hard of hearing students to transfer, and the readiness of postsecondary institutions to meet the needs of this special population

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transition planning, Deaf, postsecondary education

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Dr. Brian Bourke

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Dr. Jonathan V. Parrent

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Dr. Melissa Chapman

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