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As component of the P-20 initiative, education at all levels is critical when moving forward with innovative ideas to increase the lifelong learning of an individual. The foundation for one’s entire educational career begins during a child’s earliest years of life. This time period, prior to kindergarten can have lasting impacts on educational achievement, by influencing the ways that families interact with their child’s school, as well as carries out home learning activities. The purpose of this research study was to investigate the role of family engagement in home learning activities and the role in which parent teacher involvement and interactions influences the home learning and family engagement. In order to answer the research questions as outlined in this study, parents and families of kindergarten students in five school districts located within rural western Kentucky, were targeted in order to gain information regarding the child’s prior setting before entering kindergarten, and if the prior setting has an effect on family engagement and teacher interactions

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At home learning activities; Family Engagement; Kindergarten readiness; Parental involvement; Rural Communities; State funded preschool

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Samir Patel

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Kala Chakradhar

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Jamie Mahoney

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