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Novice speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are a vulnerable population that is at-risk for dysphonia. Previous literature has highlighted the high vocal-demand occupations of teaching and entertaining but there is minimal research to understand the prevalence of dysphonia in SLPs. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the prevalence of vocal fatigue and vocal loading in novice SLPs in western Kentucky to increase awareness of the vulnerability for dysphonia in this population. This investigation was descriptive in nature using a survey format and was sent to SLPs in the western Kentucky region. A total of 21 SLPs responded to the survey. Results indicated that while novice SLPs in western Kentucky are at risk for vocal fatigue, vocal loading, and dysphonia, these SLPs often do not prescribe to the same recommendations and strategies provided to clients with dysphonia. This investigation adds to the growing body of literature regarding the prevalence of dysphonia in SLPs.

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voice, novice SLPs, dysphonia, vocal fatigue

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J. Nikki Gaylord

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Stephanie Schaaf

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Alison Brown

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