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Educators serve on various school-related teams such as curriculum committees, professional learning communities (PLCs), co-teaching, and individualized education plan (IEP) teams. This quantitative study was designed to assess teacher candidates’ teamwork knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). The results were used to evaluate an educator preparation provider’s (EPP) effectiveness in preparing teacher candidates with teamwork skills needed in today’s schools. Teamwork-KSA, the instrument used in this study, measures an individual’s KSAs in specific teamwork characteristics. The study attempted to answer if there were differences between teacher candidates’ progression through an EPP and Teamwork-KSA results. Teacher candidates’ GPA, practicum experience, and teamwork self-efficacy were other variables analyzed with Teamwork-KSA scores. To measure teamwork self-efficacy, a survey required teacher candidates to rate themselves in the same teamwork characteristics assessed by Teamwork-KSA. Statistical analysis using ANOVA, t test, and Pearson’s correlation resulted in several findings. The study revealed no significant difference in teacher candidates’ teamwork KSAs between the beginning, middle, and end stages of the EPP. Practicum experience did not have an effect on Teamwork-KSA scores. A significant relationship did not exist between teacher candidates’ GPA and Teamwork-KSA overall score. However, a statistically significant relationship was reported between GPA and the following teamwork characteristics measured by Teamwork-KSA: goal-setting and performance management, planning and task coordination, and self-management. There were no statistically significant relationships identified between teacher candidates’ Teamwork-KSA overall scores and their self-efficacy of teamwork.

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