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This study attempts to explore the multi-faceted challenges and hindrances brought upon the British East India Company by piracy in the Indian Ocean World. European and American pirates in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries influenced economic, political, and social factors in the Indian Ocean. The Angrians in the eighteenth century did the same, constituting an indigenous piratical threat. These forms of piracy encouraged the British East India Company to gradually bolster military strength to mobilize against them. With their own built up strength, Royal navy support, local Mahratta allies, and internal-conflict within the Angres, the British East India Company managed to crush the Angres and then project their military power into the Indian subcontinent. This proved formative leading up to the creation of the British Empire there with the military leadership of Robert Clive. To prove this point, this study utilized published collections of government and court-related documents, letters, journals, newspapers, travel literature, and personal accounts

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East India Company, seventeenth century, eighteenth century, Indian Ocean, Piracy

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