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This qualitative study surveyed elementary school teachers across the state of Kentucky in regards to these four main concepts: (a) identifying the challenges and needs of FYT, (b) identify and explore the trainings provided to FYT, (c) identify and explore the supports provided to FYT, and (d) identifying what is needed to effectively support FYT. The driving question of the study asked: what are the training and support experiences of first-year K-5 teachers and how can these experiences be improved for future educators? Based on this question, the following hypothesis was created: having been provided comprehensive induction programs, FYT will have a positive first year teaching experience and remain in the teaching profession beyond the first year. Data was categorized based on the codes created by the Principal Investigator and then analyzed to draw conclusions. The four main conclusions drawn were to continue to provide the same trainings and supports identified by participants within the study, focus future training and supports on the challenges specifically identified by the participants of the study, and to bring back a state-structured and mandated comprehensive induction program.

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teaching, first year teachers, professional development, support

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Chhanda Islam

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Lynn Patterson

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Chhanda Islam

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