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College and career readiness of high school students and who plays a vital role in their preparation has been an interest over the years. Many high school students struggle to be college and career ready. The purpose of this study is to examine contributing factors to the lack of college and career readiness, as well as, to provide an overall baseline of high school students’ readiness for college and career using a phenomenological approach. Specifically, in doing so, this approach will enable the researcher to learn and understand the overall experiences of school counselors and teachers in regard to college and career readiness. Qualitative methods were utilized to conduct this study. Data was provided and collected through interviews among high school counselors and teachers. Data was coded and themes identified to give results of the study. Themes that emerged during the study gave insight into the impact of college and career readiness on high school students. Participants from West and Middle Tennessee high schools gave similar responses, thus, providing an opportunity for a further study in regard to implications and recommendations.

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School Counselors, Teachers, College and Career Readiness, High School

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Randal H. Wilson

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Teresa Clark

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