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In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a multitude of challenges around the world. Mass closures of public places seemed to happen overnight and instantaneously. Essential workers kept the world afloat to the best of their abilities, but the harsh reality quickly settled in that education was not considered essential in the view of a worldwide pandemic. Educators worked continue the education of their pupils while trying to minimize movement and limit social gatherings leaving schools around the world reeling to find their ground in an abrupt switch from in-person learning to internet-based, distance education. Globally, the educational field from primary to collegiate education struggled to make the adjustment, but many felt that hands-on courses, like those in the career, technical and agricultural education fields, faced the greatest challenges. Agricultural education teachers specifically had to accommodate for their three-component model which includes specialized services of Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE), the National FFA Organization, as well as classroom and lab instruction. The researcher conducted a study to explore the perceived barriers of internet-based, distance education by agricultural education teachers in Kentucky. Additionally, the researcher aimed to gain insight on the perceived levels of computer and internet access, level of computer and internet skills, level of support received, and the teacher’s overall readiness for the time commitment needed to successfully convert and maintain distance education courses. The survey utilized in the study was developed by Dr. Al-Mothana M. Gasaymeh (2009).

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agricultural education, internet-based distance education, extended school closures, virtual learning, COVID-19, pandemic, P-20

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