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This quantitative research study examines the course completion and course grades of students who participated in online learning through a state-sponsored online public school. The timeframe of this research focuses on students who engaged in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and who were in grades 6-12 during their enrollment. This experience warranted a random sample size of 500 students with documented disabilities, and 500 traditional students, or those without a documented disability. The overall goal of this study is to conclude if students with disabilities are staying on track academically at the same pace as their peers. As many students have been forced to adapt quickly to online learning, better understanding of how different groups of students are impacted is key to facilitating resources to ensure all students have access to an equitable learning experience. This study found that students with disabilities were less likely to complete courses and had lower course grades than their peers in the online classroom.

Keywords: Online Learning, LMS, students with disabilities

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Online Learning, LMS, students with disabilities

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