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This phenomenological research study examined the personal experiences, habits, and perceptions of post-secondary students who binge drink. This study was guided by 3 research questions as well as pre-existing research into collegiate binge drinking. The experiences shared by participants showed that despite serious negative outcomes, students binge drink because they feel negatives are far outweighed by the positive social interactions and fun drinking creates. While all of the participants in this study are considered binge drinkers who abuse alcohol, none of the participants considered their drinking to be problematic. The participants shared their intent to stop their current drinking patters upon graduation, while sharing that these patterns are not sustainable outside of the collegiate environment. While the participants all acknowledged their university should or does have resources to support students who drink heavily, they were unable to describe any of these resources. The participant interviews exemplify how the desire to belong is strong influencer in student drinking behaviors.

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binge, alcohol use disorder, belong, social, outcomes, peers, alcohol, drinking, hangover, patterns

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Brian Parr

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