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This study examines the implementation of Racial Equity Policies (REP) and Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) practices in Career and Technical Education (CTE) across the Commonwealth of Kentucky's public school districts. This quantitative research incorporates perspectives from district leaders, educators, and administrators, exploring the interplay between racial equity policies and teaching practices. The study highlighted the influential role of district leaders in shaping positive perceptions and awareness of the tools available to support equity work. The study also revealed disparities among districts, with urban areas leading integration, while rural districts express confidence in their commitment to racial equity.

The study's practical significance lies in its potential to inform policymakers, educators, and stakeholders about the critical importance of equity and access to tools facilitating equitable education, particularly within CTE programs. The study emphasizes the role of leadership in implementing equity practices within CTE, highlighting the need for informed and inclusive practices. The study advocates for innovative teaching methods, tailored strategies, and inclusive leadership to adapt to evolving student needs. Diversity considerations highlight the importance of creating inclusive environments. The study offers suggestions for future research, proposing diverse recruitment, comprehensive district studies, and longitudinal approaches for deeper insights. In conclusion, the study provides valuable insights into CTE equity, urging educators and policymakers to address nuanced challenges for a nationwide, inclusive, and equitable CTE experience.

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Keywords: Racial Equity Policies, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Career and Technical Education, education equity, leadership, inclusive practices

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Doctor of Education


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