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Agriculture is considered one of the foundations of the United States. Women have played an important but often overlooked role in the history of agriculture. Despite many significant contributions, women have been left out of the history and advancements of agriculture. This research examined the lived experiences of 56 women who are involved in production agriculture and the factors that can contribute to stress and burnout in this area. By identifying how females view their roles and various aspects of their work, valuable insights can be gained into the experiences women face. Financial challenges and gender bias were identified as factors that could contribute to the burnout of women in this industry. By identifying and addressing these challenges, the industry can work toward creating an environment that is supportive of women in agriculture. The empowerment of females and gender equality in the agriculture industry are necessary for the success of female producers and the sustainability of agriculture in the future. Through research and advocacy, we can ensure that the contributions of women from the past are recognized, and the voices of women today are valued.

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Agricultural History, Females, Production Agriculture, Burnout, Women

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Alyx Shultz

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