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Within the last 10 years, research has suggested that it has become more common for individuals to engage in casual sex. Research has consistently shown that sociosexual orientation, dark triad traits, and deception are all related. This study sought to examine the linear relationship between sociosexual orientation, dark triad personality characteristics, and the use of deception in a relationship. Participants (n = 135) completed this study online and were recruited from a midsize university. Findings did suggest a positive correlation between sociosexuality and deception, as well as a positive correlation between dark triad traits and deception. The findings of this study are consistent with previous research, indicating that those that have an unrestricted sociosexuality were more willing to engage in deception in order to engage in sexual activity Previous research also supported that those who are high in dark triad traits are more willing to engage in deception within a relationship in order to engage in sex. This study has implications for understanding the positive linear relationship between sociosexuality, dark triad traits, and deception.

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sociosexual orientation, sociosexuality, dark triad, narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, deception, relationships

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Sean C Rife

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Laura Liljequist

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Jana Hackathorn

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Diane Nititham

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