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This study was designed to determine the concurrent validity of the Missouri Adaptive Behavior Inventory (MABI) by comparing it to the Adaptive Behavior Assessment ScaleThird Edition (ABAS-3). The MABI is an unpublished measure of adaptive behavior developed to specifically measure adaptive functioning required by federal statute. The ABAS-3 is a norm-referenced, valid, and reliable measure of adaptive behavior published in 2015. Twenty-five children were administered the MABI and the ABAS-3 in a counter-balanced manner, and raw scores were statistically compared using Pearson correlations. As expected, numerous statistically significant correlations were found among the MABI subtests and between the MABI and the ABAS-3, supporting the concurrent validity of the MABI. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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adaptive behavior, MABI, concurrent validity

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Educational Specialist


Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling


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Mardis Dunham

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Mardis Dunham

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Mardis Dunham

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