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STEPHANIE LYNN ELDER ANDERSON. How to Educate Collegiate Journalists to Cover and Cope with Traumatic Events (under the direction of DR. TERESA CLARK.)

This research study applied the qualitative method of open coding of data from professional journalists and journalism faculty members to determine whether trauma journalism should be incorporated into existing journalism curriculum. Trauma journalism emerged in the early 1990s but has not been integrated in most journalism programs. Prior research indicated the reasons trauma journalism is not included in most curriculum is because it is not an ACEJMC accreditation standard, there’s limited qualified faculty members to teach such courses, and the material is already incorporated into other journalism courses. This study found similar results along with support from faculty members and professional journalists for integrating such material. The author sought to provide suggestions for a trauma journalism course or integration into an existing course to provide journalism educators a foundation for creating such a course. Through interviews with professional journalists on how to cover and cope with traumatic events, recommendations were made in the form of outlines that can be a basis for any journalism program looking to incorporate trauma journalism into its curriculum.

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trauma, trauma journalism, traumatic events

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Doctor of Education


Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling


College of Education & Human Services

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Dr. Teresa Clark

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Dr. Melony Shemberger

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Dr. Robert McGaughey

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