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“Prosthesis” is a collection of short fiction that explores, primarily, loss. Whether it’s the loss of a friend, the devastation in the wake of a failed marriage, or the emptiness that occurs when one’s overriding personal philosophy is suddenly suspect, the protagonists in each of the stories in this collection put themselves on trial, post-loss, and struggle to metabolize their new realities. The stories in this collection aren’t looking for answers, but rather to add to the rich history of self-aware literature that has preceded it; that life has no certainty, is never static; that the only way to effectively deal with these losses, as artists, is to dissect these many and myriad small moments and share them with each other, like casting a baited hook into the lake, that some reader might be caught, reeled into their own meaning and interpretation, and add that new, small thing to their journey.

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Julia Watts

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