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Journal of Management, Economics, and Industrial Organization


Computer Science and Information Systems


Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business


The investigation of the job satisfaction dimensions is crucial before further analysis such as testing the research hypotheses. The widely used approach includes Exploratory Factor Analysis with principal components analysis, unweighted least squares, generalized least squares, maximum likelihood, principal axis factoring, alpha factoring, and image factoring. The study focuses on investigation of the underlying dimensions of the job satisfaction of the knowledge workers in healthcare using multiple methods. The target sample of the research is the health care personnel including nurses, administrators, and doctors as the knowledge workers. Toward this end, a theory-based classical approaches are utilized. Healthcare employee’s job satisfaction is an important in the successful performance of institutions. A rich literature of academic studies has showed that personnel’s satisfaction is critical for the successful performance of organizations. The dimensions healthcare workers’ satisfaction as the knowledge workers were extracted by employing: (i) Exploratory Factor Analysis method, (ii) Confirmatory Factor Analysis. The sample of this study were collected via a survey from health care personnel as knowledge workers. There are 249 observations collected from healthcare workers. A set of 34 items are utilized to investigate the job satisfaction of the healthcare knowledge workers. The results of the factor analysis indicated that six underlying crucial factors are extracted: attitude of management, organizational support, job security, reward and pay, working conditions, attitude of colleagues.


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