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Biological Science


Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology



Diel Movement of Silver Carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix in 2 Southeastern Reservoirs

Authors: Levi Umland and Timothy Spier

Silver Carp invaded Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley in the early 2000s. Silver Carp are planktivorous which is concerning because they may be competing with young of the year native fish and other native planktivores. Previous Silver Carp research has mainly focused on large rivers, but their behavior might be different in reservoirs, and little research exists on this species in such water bodies. Efforts exist to control these Silver Carp via commercial harvest within Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, but more information, such as short-term movement patterns, is needed to target these fish more effectively. We used acoustic telemetry to study 24-hour movements and macrohabitat use of Silver Carp throughout Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. We measured important environmental parameters such as flow, temperature, depth, and wind in association with the tracking data. We tracked 22 different Silver Carp for 24-hours and recorded precise locations on 126 Silver Carp. We found no significant selection for any macrohabitat type, but Silver Carp seemed to use the main channel at higher water temperatures. Silver Carp activity did not seem to have any diel pattern, and we found no influence of temperature, wind, or water depth on fish locations.



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