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Journal Article

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Tourism Management Perspectives


Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business


Camping is a salient economic contributor to nature-based tourism that is also beholden to the natural environment. Climate resources are the combination of naturally occurring meteorological variables of empirically observable importance to firm performance. Tourism climatologist are at the forefront of climate resource research, where investigations have been primarily empirically derived rather than guided by theory. Accordingly, we introduce climate resources to the management discipline’s resource-based theory, operationalizing climate resources as public goods in addition to other public goods like open access innovation. We investigate the value, rareness, and inimitability of climate resources at 36 managed United States National Park Service campgrounds from 1984 to 2019. Results spatially and temporally demonstrate (1) the value of climate resources to firm performance, (2) that climate resource value varies geographically, and (3) that climate resources are becoming rarer at lower latitude and altitude geographies. Implications, limitations, and future research directions are provided.


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