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Journal Article

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Journal of Cleaner Production


Management, Marketing and Business Administration


Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business


Stakeholder theory and empirical evidence confirm the positive relationship between stakeholder pressure and the implementation of environmental practices and strategies. However, the specific mechanisms and impact of selected stakeholder groups on environmental management strategies are relatively underexplored. In this paper, this shortcoming is addressed by exploring the impact of selected stakeholder groups on environmental management strategies taking the contingency factor industry into consideration (i.e., dynamic vs. static industries). Basing the arguments primarily on stakeholder theory, it is suggested that stakeholder pressures are perceived differently in plants in dynamic versus static industries. Similarly, it is suggested that the influence of stakeholder pressures on the implementation of environmental strategies is influenced by industry type. To test the proposed research model, primary survey data from 502 plants collected in the United States across multiple industries is used. Thus, this paper contributes to the sustainability operations management literature through exploring the relationship between stakeholder pressure, environmental strategy implementation and contextual factors (i.e., industry type) through hypotheses testing. Results indicate that industry type does indeed affect stakeholder pressure, and the relationship between stakeholder pressure and environmental strategy implementation. Plants situated in dynamic industries experience a significantly higher level of stakeholder pressures as opposed to plants situated in static industries across an array of environmental strategies.