Listening to the Voices That Talk Back: A Response to Burley

Document Type

Journal Article

Publication Date

June 2021

Publication Title

Journal of the American Academy of Religion


In his book, Burley offers a valuable critique of contemporary philosophy of religion and a compelling vision of what it could become. Even those who remain unpersuaded by particular arguments within it must acknowledge that analytic philosophy of religion has addressed only the tiniest fraction of issues, problems, questions, and religions that are available for it to explore, privileging instead traditional forms of Christianity. There is much that I wish to embrace, celebrate, and apply to my own practice of philosophy of religion within this text. But I believe that Burley’s vision would be even more radically pluralist if it incorporated the insights offered by feminist standpoint epistemology. If we do so, then we will find that Gafney’s womanist wrestling with the Jewish and Christian scriptures is an example of precisely the kind of religious engagement that we must seek out in other religious traditions if we are truly to do them justice.