Document Type

Journal Article

Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2018

Publication Title

Journal of Economics and Financial Analysis


Computer Science and Information Systems


Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business


Abstract This study is undertaken to search for key factors that contribute to job satisfaction among health care workers, and also to determine the impact of these underlying dimensions of employee satisfaction on organizational performance. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) is applied to initially uncover the key factors, and then, in the next stage of analysis, a popular data mining technique, Support Vector Machine (SVM) is employed on a sample of 249 to determine the impact of job satisfaction factors on organizational performance. According to the proposed model, the main factors are revealed to be management’s attitude, pay/reward, job security and colleagues. Keywords: Job Satisfaction; Health Care Workers; Support Vector Machine (SVM) JEL Classification: J28, J54, J59, J81.


This paper was transferred from its 2012 publication in the European Journal of Economic and Political Studies following the permanent closure of the journal and re-published at JEFA.



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