Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 12-7-2021




Legal Studies

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Brian Clardy, Advisor

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Dr. Todd Hill, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. William Mulligan, Committee Member


This thesis paper will provide thorough research and analysis regarding the role of music during the Civil Rights Movement. It would be the goal of this paper to answer the questions of whether or not music had an impact on the Civil Rights Movement, and if so, then in what ways and how was this conveyed through the music.This paper aims to discuss different genres of music, including but not limited to; jazz, rock, pop, blues, etc. In order to answer these questions, this paper will be analyzing songs written by artists during the movement, looking for forms of rhetoric and language that would have portrayed a story or belief that would have been relevant to the movement. This paper will also utilize primary and secondary sources such as interviews and memoirs by these artists to gain a perspective on their purposes for creating the music.