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Fall 12-1-2021



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Dr. Summer Cross, Advisor

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Dr. Michael Perlow, Committee Member

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Dr. Jennifer Rogers, Committee Member


In the field of nursing, effective nurse-patient communication and teaching are among the most important indicators of patient satisfaction. Research shows that improved communication can result in more favorable patient outcomes and compliance with treatment. Additionally, improved communication with other members of the healthcare team can create a better work environment and result in increased patient outcomes, as well as decreased errors. The aim of this thesis is to assess the confidence of seniors in the Murray State University Nursing program in communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals and in providing thorough, accurate teaching to patients. Strategies to improve student confidence in providing patient teaching will be evaluated, including workshops, clinical experiences, and teaching projects. It is hypothesized that these teaching strategies will increase not only students’ confidence, but also competence in communicating effectively. A survey was administered to senior nursing students at Murray State University to evaluate current levels of confidence, as well as to assess which learning experiences they felt contributed most or least to their ability to provide teaching. Results were analyzed using a Mann-Whitney U test. Although no significant differences were seen when comparing fourth and fifth semester nursing students for each question, results did show that students with prior healthcare experience have higher levels of confidence in communicating with other members of the healthcare team.

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