Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 11-22-2022





Examining Committee Member

Dr. Daniel Wann, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Jana Hackathorn, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Patrick Cushen, Committee Member


The expanding psychological research into several “dark traits” of one’s personality (Moshagen et al., 2018) has presented a void in examining more positive characteristics. In recent years, Kaufman and colleagues (2019) developed the “Light Triad” to provide a more holistic perspective on humankind. The Light Triad is a construct encompassing benevolent personality traits, including humanism, faith in humanity, and Kantianism. Most relevant to the current study, Kaufman and colleagues (2019) found a significant relationship between the Light Triad and life satisfaction. Furthermore, life satisfaction is also positively correlated with job satisfaction (Rice et al., 1980). Given these relationships, it was hypothesized that the Light Triad will be positively correlated with job satisfaction, and that life satisfaction will serve as a mediator of this relationship. An association was found between the Light Triad and job satisfaction, such that the higher one was in Light Triad traits, the greater their job satisfaction. Life satisfaction did not serve as a significant mediator between the Light Triad and job satisfaction.