Date on Honors Thesis

Winter 12-7-2022


Agribusiness Economics



Examining Committee Member

Chris Wooldridge MBA, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Leiza Nochebuena-Evans, PhD, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

David Eaton, PhD, Committee Member


Personal finance is a foreign concept to many, yet it is an essential concept for all. This research project considers the impact of a personal finance course being taught in an organized, non-profit setting. A community church offers a finance course to their congregants on an annual basis that is designed to teach short- and long-term personal finance concepts to individuals and families to encourage adequate budgeting and investment practices. This specific project will evaluate the participants skillset and confidence in their financial goals before and after they are involved with the course. The data of study will be collected from a pre- and post-test given to each individual to assess the knowledge and skills related to financial goal setting. This research evaluates the impact of teaching personal finance through a structured curriculum. Before the course started, attendees were given a pre-test. Then, individuals were given a post-test to conclude the course. After data for the pre- and post-tests was matched by individual, the results showed an increase in scores therefore indicating that financial understanding after the personal finance curriculum increased.