Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 4-27-2017


Management, Marketing and Business Administration

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Joy Humphreys, Committee Member

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Dr. Heath Keller, Committee Member

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Dr. Warren Edminster, Executive Director of Honors College

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Dr. Alexander Rose, Advisor


Arguably since the end of the twentieth century, serial killers (both real and fictional) have been at the top of public interest in American society. The names Hannibal Lector, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy are as well-known as most A-list celebrities in pop culture. Gruesome and telling cinematic films, television shows, novels, and documentaries have all seen enormous successes, and it seems the masses cannot get enough. The prolonged prosperity of this peculiar market brings up a lot of interesting questions about the origins of its success, including what has started this obsession, and what exactly it is about serial killers that scares us. From a marketing perspective, it’s beneficial to recognize the root of these fears in order to better understand the mindset of the public. Furthermore, by evaluating American’s current consumption habits - particularly, the practice of binge-watching - we get a glimpse into this culture’s priorities, and how these priorities may link back to its serial killer fascination.