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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Jana Hackathorn, PhD, Advisor

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The current study explored individual differences of honesty, moral identity, and risk-taking personality traits, as well as attachment style and their correlation with endorsement of deception rules in romantic relationships. The current study extends the current literature by exploring additional predictors. Data collection was conducted using Amazon Mechanical Turk, where participants (N = 200) received $1.00 for completing an online questionnaire that measured in random order: moral identity, risk-taking, honesty, attachment, and endorsement of deceptive rules. A series of Pearson’s r correlational analyses indicated that honesty, moral integrity, moral self, risk-taking, anxious attachment, and avoidant attachment were correlated with the endorsement of discretionary rules. Whereas moral integrity, moral self, and avoidant attachment were correlated with obligatory rule endorsement. This research is important as conflict occurs in relationships due to disagreements over what is appropriate deception. The current study adds to the literature regarding what might predict those perceptions of appropriate deception.