Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-12-2023


Engineering Physics



Examining Committee Member

Dr. Aleck W. Leedy

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Gheorghe Bunget

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Abdulrahman Yarali

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Warren Edminster


This thesis outlines the acquired skills and knowledge acquired through the course of four years of Murray State University’s School of Engineering. The capstone for students in the department was to team up and complete an interdisciplinary senior design project using skills from various tracks of engineering. For this thesis, there is a greater emphasis on the electrical engineering track. The objective of the project was to build an autonomous robot to complete the various tasks within the scope of the IEEE SoutheastCon 2023 Hardware Competition. The robot was controlled via a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. There were three various power sources supplying the robot’s electrical equipment. A great amount of work went into modeling the circuits to ensure that all the power needs of the robot were adequately met, and none of the equipment ratings are exceeded. This thesis outlines the circuit design work completed in the first semester, which is all under the Preliminary Design section. Some of the circuit design was changed as new information was learned on how the components work, so the work completed during the spring semester of the school year is outlined in the Final Design section of the thesis. The thesis concludes with the results of the competition, since that was the true test of how the power system performed. There is also discussion of some of the practical applications of the skills utilized in the scope of the project.