Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-9-2023


Pre-Veterinary Medicine



Examining Committee Member

Dr. Laura Ken Hoffman

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Brittany Kirby

Examining Committee Member

Tara Joiner


The following study focuses on the knowledge that veterinary clients possess surrounding alternative methods of payment for veterinary services and its relation to overall client satisfaction, as well as the prevalence of mental health crisis in veterinary professionals as it relates to client satisfaction. An in-depth analysis of online articles and journals was compared to the results of a survey of pet owners and veterinary professionals to obtain results for the study. The results of the analysis of online resources revealed that many pet owners are stressed about paying for veterinary care for their animal and that most are unprepared for a medical emergency. Literary analysis also revealed that financially stressed people are angrier than that of a financially sound individual, and that this anger is often taken out on veterinary professionals, resulting in a decline of mental health in the profession. The results from the survey sent to pet owners revealed that most pet owners have little to no knowledge on the subject of alternative methods of payment, and that those who know more about these methods are more likely to have higher satisfaction levels. The survey sent to veterinary professionals revealed that professionals believe clients would be happier if they had further understanding of pricing for veterinary services, and that they believe clients who use alternative methods of payment are likely more satisfied than those who do not.