Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-2023


Exercise Science

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Brenda Reeves, PhD, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Amelia Dodd, DPT, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Carrie McGinnis, PhD, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Warren Edminster, Executive Director


Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer diagnosed in the United States. Due to its prevalence, my research partner and I developed a patient education website discussing the effects of exercise on relief of side effects associated with cancer treatment. Over time, the website evolved into a holistic, patient education resource for women diagnosed with breast cancer to help them through all aspects of their cancer journey. The research presented on the website consists of numerous peer-reviewed articles and information provided by national organization and health websites. Topics presented on the website include risk factors, prevention, treatment options to include Lifestyle Medicine, frequently asked questions, remission, and mental health resources. The focus of this thesis is on the development of the website to include the reasoning behind content-focus, style and design, and language used, along with addressing issues in patient education and prospective plans for the use of this website.