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Fall 11-27-2023




Psychology and Chemistry

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Dr. Amanda Joyce, Advisor

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Dr. Chris Trzepacz, Committee Member

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Dr. Esther Malm, Committee Member


There is a distinct difference between the rates of child abuse and neglect in the United States and Italy. Specifically, the United States has a higher rate of child maltreatment than Italy (Bernacchi et al., 2016; Finkelhor et al., 2009). There is also variation in the types of maltreatment that the children suffer within each country (Bernacchi et al., 2016; Mehta et al., 2023). This literature review analyzes potential explanations for these differences in rates of child maltreatment by examining the ways in which this maltreatment may be impacted by access to health insurance, religion, family structure, education, poverty, and more. I conducted this research via a literature review of seventy-five literary articles that were then compared and contrasted to examine similarities and differences between the two countries. This research is important because by examining factors that exacerbate differences in maltreatment, researchers and practitioners can then recognize predictors of maltreatment in order to mitigate the risks of such maltreatment.

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