Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 11-20-2023


Trumpet Performance/Vocal Performance

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Eric Swisher

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Maribeth Crawford

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Tana Field


While both disciplines fall under the umbrella of professional music performance, trumpet and vocal pedagogy and performance are typically considered to be separate entities. Even though, historically, the two have impacted each other, very few materials evaluate these subjects in tandem. That is what this thesis proposes to do. In examining the two different disciplines, I will explore their similarities and differences, and how they can impact students and teachers today.

There are many benefits to be gained from studying trumpet as well as voice, but along with those benefits come pitfalls that students can easily fall into. In order to best cover the entire overlap of vocal and trumpet pedagogy, this thesis is divided into three parts: Body Alignment and Breath, Diction and Articulation, and Musicianship. In covering these topics, I hope to bring clarity to both students that study both disciplines and the teachers who guide them.